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To Assist Parents in Raising Godly Children by Providing Academic
Excellence in a Christ-honoring Environment

Mr. Steven Peters


Next to becoming a follower of the Lord Jesus Christ, choosing which school our children attend is one of the most important decisions we will ever make.   As a matter of fact, school choice directly impacts and strongly influences whether students grow closer to or fall further away from the Lord.  In Scripture we read, “Train a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not turn from it” (Proverbs 22:6).  With this in mind, Siouxland Community Christian School (non-denominational, parent led board, comprehensive Pre-K-12) provides a distinctively Christian education through the lens of a solidly biblical worldview, setting the stage for success academically, athletically, musically, artistically, and spiritually.  We offer small class sizes, which result in greater participation and learning opportunities, as well as allowing the Eagle family (representing 36 different churches) to be nurtured, close knit, and encouraged to express active faith both on and off campus.  We pray you find the information on this web-site helpful and encourage you to seek God’s will in the next step toward partnering with Siouxland Community Christian School to raise godly children by providing academic excellence in a Christ-honoring environment.

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Childcare Announcement

Childcare Announcement

Childcare Announcement

     Change is a difficult thing even under the best of circumstances, often resulting in excitement at things to come while simultaneously grieving over things that are left behind.  Such is the case as Siouxland Community Christian School moves forward with plans to enter a new facility and expand opportunities for the focus of our ministry, which is K4-12 education. 

     We’ve blessed many families, and been blessed, in being able to offer childcare for many years.  However, in trying to focus on what we do best, to improve vastly upon it, and to be wise with the finances/provisions (especially a new facility) that God has provided, the board of trustees has decided it is in the best interests of our school and families to move forward focusing completely on K4-12 grade education, which means we will no longer be offering childcare effective September 4, 2015 (last day of childcare operation).  This will allow for our current families to make a seamless transition from childcare to K4 with Mrs. Seggerman for the 2015-2016 school year.

     We wanted to put this information out now so that families can plan accordingly, and to formally thank Director Amy Javorsky who has been outstanding in coordinating a Christ-centered, challenging, and loving atmosphere for the families and children in our childcare program. Similarly, Megan Wilson and Abigail Trimble have done an outstanding job teaching, loving, and serving our littlest ones and their parents.  All three women have indeed been a godly example, a great team, and valued employees/colleagues/friends/sisters to many of us.

     The board and I continue to be thankful for the ongoing efforts of Amy, Megan, and Abigail, and for your prayers, support, and many offers of assistance with regard to resources/labor as we transition our programs, students, and families to a brand new facility.  This is truly an exciting, busy, and rigorous time in our school’s history, and a bit nerve-racking too, but we are sure to come through with flying colors.

 In Christ,

Steve Peters, Superintendent

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Ms. Barge - Team Player in Every Sense of the Word

Ms. Barge - Team Player in Every Sense of the Word

Ms. Barge - Team Player in Every Sense of the Word

Ms. Barge - Team Player in Every Sense of the Word

     How many times have you wished you visited someone or told them how wonderful they are and how much you loved them, but due to circumstances (busy schedule, one person moves, impending death, etc.) never said anything.  In volunteering as a chaplain at the hospital and speaking with a couple of students/families this week in my office/classroom, such circumstances bring about a great sense of regret.  Fortunately, we don’t have to continue to live that way.  Not only should we, as a people who love others, make a purposeful effort to be positive, but God’s Word instructs us to encourage one another (Hebrews 3 and 10).   As senior Cameron Hoogendyk noted in a speech given in Bible class this week, we will only turn a corner as a society (especially our microcosm of society) when “people are viewed as a resource rather than an expense.”  In other words, our people, the SCCS family; parents, staff, and students should not be viewed as assets/commodities that depreciate and are expendable, but as vital components of the body of Christ who are important, valued, and appreciated.

     With this in mind, it’s simply time to publicly recognize Ms. Randi Barge for all she has done and contributed to SCCS during her almost 2 years here.  Early on, Ms. Barge proved to be an excellent PE teacher, earning high praises even from other school and AEA visitors for the manner in which she engages all students in physical activity, cooperative games/team building, athletics/skill building, and often times ties in a Scriptural/devotional message with her students.  Similarly, she proved to be an excellent Pre-Algebra teacher, earning high praise from parents as students not only learned a great deal/earned excellent grades, but 12 of 13 seventh graders in the class scored proficient or advanced on state testing (noting a couple of students had not tested proficient previously).  Students truly gained competency and skill under her tutelage.

     Visible at nearly every school event, when we were struggling to find someone to take over the demanding duties of coordinating and running the snack bar for volleyball and basketball games, Ms. Barge stepped up to take on the job and has run the most effective and profitable snack bar during my 3 plus years at SCCS.  We have received many compliments not only from our own families, but from visiting schools as well, without her ever seeking/receiving direct appreciation (always building up and trusting the families that help her).

     Most impressively, Ms. Barge stepped up in a big way this year to help SCCS and our students by taking on Algebra II.  Having been an area of struggle, we were unable to find a full-time math teacher this past year even though we aggressively advertised and pursued possible graduate candidates from colleges and employment lists from local school districts.  Unable to finish a schedule without having the final piece of our staff on board (had been pondering many scenarios), Ms. Barge stepped up to the plate under less than perfect circumstances to fill this void, which allowed us to switch gears and hire an English rather than a math teacher (Ms. Natalie Breeden who has been an incredible addition to our staff).  As a second year teacher, Ms. Barge has put in more hours than any of us would think appropriate or want to do ourselves (often arriving to SCCS at 5AM and not leaving sometimes until 8 or 9PM, much la

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