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To Assist Parents in Raising Godly Children by Providing Academic
Excellence in a Christ-honoring Environment

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Next to becoming a follower of the Lord Jesus Christ, choosing which school our children attend is one of the most important decisions we will ever make.   As a matter of fact, school choice directly impacts and strongly influences whether students grow closer to or fall further away from the Lord.  In Scripture we read, “Train a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not turn from it” (Proverbs 22:6).  With this in mind, Siouxland Community Christian School (non-denominational, parent led board, comprehensive Pre-K-12) provides a distinctively Christian education through the lens of a solidly biblical worldview, setting the stage for success academically, athletically, musically, artistically, and spiritually.  We offer small class sizes, which result in greater participation and learning opportunities, as well as allowing the Eagle family (representing 36 different churches) to be nurtured, close knit, and encouraged to express active faith both on and off campus.  We pray you find the information on this web-site helpful and encourage you to seek God’s will in the next step toward partnering with Siouxland Community Christian School to raise godly children by providing academic excellence in a Christ-honoring environment.

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Eagle Students Earn Honors Honoring Ms. Breeden

Eagle Students Earn Honors Honoring Ms. Breeden

Eagle Students Earn Honors Honoring Ms. Breeden

     This past Tuesday, Siouxland Christian was blessed to be visited by KCAU Channel 9's Jessica Ray.  The reason for her visit was two-fold.  Mrs. Ray arrived on campus to first interview Sophomores Cortney Nelson, Charity Alexander, Aubrey Schlines, and Emily Yanney for a poem they submitted in the "My Favorite Teacher" contest.  All four girls were able to share their thoughts with regard to developing their poem, and the person the poem was about, English teacher, Ms. Natalie Breeden.

     The heart-felt poem resulted in Ms. Breeden being awarded with the KCAU "My Favorite Teacher Award".  The news crew (along with Cortney, Charity, Aubrey, and Emily) surprised Ms. Breeden during class with a beautiful plaque commemorating the award, and a gift card for "The Education Station" on Sunnybrook Drive.  Footage will be shown on the morning news Thursday, May 7 in the 6:30-7:00AM time-slot.
     We are very proud of our girls for the creativity they showed in expressing gratitude for a wonderful teacher.  While Ms. Breeden's tenure with Siouxland Christian has been brief, she has indeed been an excellent English teacher.  We will surely miss her as she takes her next step in life, returning to her previous school which has re-opened and re-invented itself.  They are surely blessed to be getting Ms. Breeden, as we've been blessed to have her for a season this year.
     Way to go Cortney, Charity, Aubrey, and Emily.  We're proud of you.  And thank you, Ms. Breeden for impacting our students and families.  God bless you and help you impact students on your journey the way He helped you impact students at Siouxland Christian.  We look forward to sharing this moment with you during the newscast on the morning of May 7.

The English Teacher

She came into our lives when we least expected
With her quiet nature and firm hand.
While we all were not anticipating
The coming year ahead. ​

The same new face was expected
But we got so much more.
Despite our careless outlook
She proved our assumptions all wrong.

She showed us hidden deeper meanings
That we never cared to see before,
And instilled in us this important principle:
Don’t simply take things as they are. 

She changed the way we thought
About words, and school, and life.
Through laughing, clapping, singing and snapping,
She worked her way into our hearts. 

Sadly now our time with her is ending.
We must test our knowledge on our own.
How we wish to turn back the time
And grasp the wisdom we missed. 

We know deep down she was meant
For greater things than we’ll know.
She’ll go on and touch more lives
In the same way she has our own. 

Though we will miss her terribly,
She will not change just us.
With her quiet nature and

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Eagles Take Top Honors in Spring SYA Volleyball

Eagles Take Top Honors in Spring SYA Volleyball

Eagles Take Top Honors in Spring SYA Volleyball

     This spring, Siouxland Christian was blessed to field volleyball teams all the way down to 3rd and 4th grade with Kelli Heilbuth (assisted by Melissa Hoogendyk) doing a wonderful job with our youngest lady Eagles.  We also had four teams competing in the SYA upper elementary and junior high divisions, two at the 5th and 6th grade level, and two at the 7th and 8th grade level.  Unlike other schools who divided their squads into A & B teams, we split our girls as evenly as possible in order to be competitive on all fronts, and the young ladies performed extremely well.
     With varsity volleyball coach Amy Wiseman taking the lead (assisted by Sharon Nelson, Annette Brandt, Alan Goetsch, and Kimi Peters), the 5th and 6th grade squads, both placed in the same bracket, met one another for the title and finishied in first and second place respectively (full 3 game match).  At the 7th and 8th grade level, the Eagles were placed in separate brackets and each won first place in their division.
     Coach Wiseman, her assistants, and the players all received rave reviews from other schools/teams coaches and parents in the stands who were impressed not only with our level of improvement from the fall, but overall fundamental and excellent play. Every player improved immensely, played hard, and represented Siouxland Christian well.  Many thanks to Coach Wiseman (who had her second son, Colton, just prior to the first game, with he and his big brother Hoyt logging a lot of time in the stands).  And congratulations girls on a great season which will surely prove a wonderful springboard into 2015-2016 fall volleyball (Western Valley Conference and SYA play).  Siouxland Christian is on its way.
     God bless, and go EAGLES!!
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