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To Assist Parents in Raising Godly Children by Providing Academic
Excellence in a Christ-honoring Environment

Mr. Steven Peters


Next to becoming a follower of the Lord Jesus Christ, choosing which school our children attend is one of the most important decisions we will ever make.   As a matter of fact, school choice directly impacts and strongly influences whether students grow closer to or fall further away from the Lord.  In Scripture we read, “Train a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not turn from it” (Proverbs 22:6).  With this in mind, Siouxland Community Christian School (non-denominational, parent led board, comprehensive Pre-K-12) provides a distinctively Christian education through the lens of a solidly biblical worldview, setting the stage for success academically, athletically, musically, artistically, and spiritually.  We offer small class sizes, which result in greater participation and learning opportunities, as well as allowing the Eagle family (representing 36 different churches) to be nurtured, close knit, and encouraged to express active faith both on and off campus.  We pray you find the information on this web-site helpful and encourage you to seek God’s will in the next step toward partnering with Siouxland Community Christian School to raise godly children by providing academic excellence in a Christ-honoring environment.

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SCCS Welcomes Visiting Students

SCCS Welcomes Visiting Students

SCCS Welcomes Visiting Students

     Siouxland Community Christian School is proud to announce that we have two fabulous young men who will be a part of the Eagle Family for the month of January.  Hyung Min Nam, a sophomore from Korea, and Bruno Lee, a freshman from Brazil, have begun school today (January 5th) and are looking forward to their time here at Siouxland Community Christian.  This may be a precursor to continuing high school and attending college in America.

     Please help us welcome both Hyung Min and Bruno with open arms.  Let’s make their time here, and in the United States, a time to remember (especially spiritually).  Both are extremely bright and friendly young men who we hope will look fondly upon Christian education during and after their time here.  We are blessed to have them as a part of the SCCS family and know your families will feel similarly. 

     God bless,

Steve Peters, Superintendent

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Not only College Ready, but College Successful!

Not only College Ready, but College Successful!

Not only College Ready, but College Successful!

     The big buzz phrase heard in many high schools across the country is “making sure graduates are college ready.”  At Siouxland Community Christian School, we have taken this to the next level.  As evidenced by recent reports, our current high school students are both ready and successful. 

     We are pleased to announce that 20 of our high school students completed a total of 58 college courses during the first semester.  With 56 grades in, we have a total of 35 A’s, 15 B’s, and 3 C’s.  Seniors Aliza Koch and Rebecca Pirrie led the way with 5 and 4 A’s respectively.  Eagle underclassmen performed spectacularly as well, with sophomores Brooke and Taylor Campbell (on pace for Associate of Art Degrees upon graduating from SCCS) activating their Wonder Twin Powers to combine with 5 other sophomores for a total of 12 A’s and 1 B (talk about a ready, driven, and successful group). 

     Cumulatively, Siouxland Christian students had a 3.625 college grade point average.  The sophomore class exhibited Eagle Domination in particularly awesome fashion with a 3.92 college grade point average.  Siouxland Christian students are indeed college successful, not simply college ready.  Congratulations to all 20 students for doing such an outstanding job and representing the Eagle family in such outstanding fashion.

     God bless and go Eagles!

Steve Peters, Superintendent

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